Friday, February 20, 2009

The Rose Award

I Give this Award to two beautiful young women. Thank you for being you!


Super Mom

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Alphabet Game - What I like that starts with the letter 'N'

I have to first say "Thanks … to Super Mom" for giving me the Letter ‘N’ … so very NICE of you (said with a heavy sarcastic tone in my voice)….

At first NOTHING came to mind. But, then as I sat and really began writing down my list of tems … on a NOTE pad, I decided this might NOT be too bad.

Which reminds me apparently I really liked to make NOTES… I used to leave one daily for my children as a to-do list. … they ignored them, but, I still wrote them. I find I still have that habit, of making my NOTES of what I NEED to do.

So, to join in the fun game of the Alphabet Game, I am supposed to list 10 things that start with the letter "N" that I like... and I guess write something about why I like it. AND, being the Nice Mom that I am … I can’t let my over achiever off spring, get the best of me…

So here I go….

I have to say, right here…. I added this after I was finished:

I finished writing my items of things that begin with the letter “N” … I revised my list to bring my two bottom items up to the top ….. I love the Nice warm feeling of all the Never Ending Love I get from my family. And, speaking of Never Ending…. as my children were growing up the movie titled Never Ending Story became a favorite movie of ours to sit and watch on rainy days and nights.

So, to help you get through my list of items I went and found the theme song to that story …. please, feel free to go select it off of my playlist below. It is the last song listed.

HOPE YOU ENJOY this as much as I found that I …. did ….. writing them.

Number 1 item came quickly…. NIGHT Time, I seem to come alive as the day ends and the evening progressives and then it’s Night-time… I like to sit at my computer, listen to music and write… because an early day person I am NOT.

Next Number 2 item coordinates with my first ….I love to wear NIGHTGOWN’s to sleep in …or to wear late at Night to relax in. I love long ones that hit me close to my ankles prefer them to have a slit up the sides … so I don’t feel too constricted in them, and yet I’m covered in them to sleep in them. In fact, I have never been one to sleep completely through the Night NAKED … hmm… I think I just hit on another item I like.

Next Number 3 item I have to say …. I like to look at almost NAKED men … (and in some cases completely nude ones) … I have been known to go to see the spin off of the Chip n Dales …. On Ladies Night Out….. one Night we happened to witness one that got completely Naked doing his NASTY dancing… pretty good.. it was a fun night.

Wow… I’m on a roll now… as my Next Number 4 item; just popped into my mind …I like the word NASTY I mean just say the word out loud… it can make you think of all kinds of things. I’ll be kind and let you discover your own things.. let your imagination go wild, I know what my Naughty ones.

Hey, Next Number 5 item, I like to be a little NAUGHTY … and totally love to read Naughty romance books (or try to write a few) and I even used to love to watch very very NAUGHTY Movies with my husband… as a turn on before …. you get the picture I’m sure.

And, Oh, my Gosh… Next Number 6 item… I like, just sparked suddenly in my mind, how about NUTS … I personally prefer cashews… but oh those party nuts are great to NIBBLE on, while I’m relaxing and enjoying my time alone.

OH… hey got my Number 7 item, NIBBLE okay I can live with that … I like to NIBBLE on potato chips, corn chips, M&M’s, and red Hot Tamales. Plus, I find that my finger Nails end up getting a little nibbling on them too from all my NERVOUS feelings.

Hey, shit… I just came up with that eighth and ninth items …

So, for record Next Number 8 item I like would ... be my finger NAILS I like them when they are polished in a light mauve color… not like I really do them very often. But, I like to give my self a little manicure when we go out or on special events, it makes me feel a little Nice Looking (hey just came up with another ‘N’ word… I’ll get to it later).

Now, for my Next Number 9 is I like the feel of NERVOUS I have to add ….. tension to it… this emotion can be put into both a category of my likes and maybe dislikes … as I think back at times when I have felt that NERVOUS TENSION descend across my body… it can happen over many reasons and comes and goes…

Let me think, throughout the many phases of my life.. it has been with me more times then I can write about… But, here are a few.

It was with me on my excitement on my first date… and with me on that very first kiss ….the Nice one…where your lips just barely touch each other and especially with me as that kiss takes on the Naughty passion filled feeling … where butterflies exploded in your stomach…. And then it was there on that very first very inmate moment …(well, even on others after that) I liked it when I went to the doctor’s office to find that I was expecting a child… Now, that actually happened three times, but, each time I was filled with NERVOUS TENSION of varies kinds. The first time to actually realize what an amazing thing was happening in my body, creating life …. the second time to think we were being blessed again, with the last time was like a complete surprise…I thought I was going in for just the normal paps …. Being totally shocked when I was told I was pregnant once more. I guess that might have been classified different than NERVOUS TENSION at that moment, but, shortly after I know it was there… as we were trying to figure out how we were going to handle and afford three small children. But, we survived.

So, Nervous tension became a dear friend of mine. Letting me know when good, exciting and amazing things were about to happen in my life.

Until, the awful day… I felt a different type of Nervous feeling… is was very strange, my hands shook and I felt sweaty, sick to my stomach … I decided maybe a soothing shower would help… but, as I was standing in the shower I began to cry uncontrollably for no reason. I just felt like an emptiness hit me hard in my heart (almost brought me to my knees) and then my Nerves went bonkers …I can still remember… the smell of frying bacon and eggs as I went from the bathroom to the living room to look at my husband as he was talking on the phone, he turned and walked towards me with tears in his eyes, I knew he had bad news that he had to tell me … the phone call told me that my Father had died the night before from a massive heart attack. Seems strange, but, truthful, that was March 31 of 1984….

Then I felt that same strange Nervous feeling again on October 12 of 1999; when I was at my Mother-in-laws we were working on the family’s Genealogy books for a reunion… out of the blue I began getting a pain in my neck that went clear up the side of my head… it felt like a pain I had never had before (and I was prone to migraines) …again… my hands shook …I felt sick and then as the phone rang I just knew it was with bad news…. again it was my husband… as soon as I said Hi, what’s up … from his voice my fears were confirmed….something was wrong… He told me to sit down… then he told me my nephew was Shot …in the neck and dead on arrival at the hospital.

So, I have mixed feelings about this strange emotion… it can be classified as both something I like and something I become very leery of.

Next Number 10 item is I like to receive NEWS but …mainly only the good NEWS that is what I like best…to hear good news from family members. I totally loved it when each of my children came to us and told us they were engaged to be married …. or found the love of their life. And, later as they found out they were going to be parents… making us grandparents…. And like the siblings they are, they apparently wanted to keep close ranges in the birth of their children….I can only guess maybe so they all could have play mates. So, going down the line from the oldest to the Next one…and you will find there is close to Nine months between them. Granddaughter Number 1 born in Feb.. Twin Grandson Number 1 and 2 were born in Nov that same year. Granddaughter Number 2 was born in Nov, then Granddaughter Number 3 was born only six weeks apart with Granddaughter Number 4 coming in at right at the nine months (in fact a Nice touch, was at the hospital while one set of parents were giving birth … the other set of parents had just found out that day they were expecting…) Bringing in Granddaughter Number 5 at the end of Aug of 2007 and then Grandson Number 3 was born Nine-and-half months later in June 2008. Giving us a total Number of 7 grandchildren all under the ages of 5…. Family get together and holidays have been a blast when they are all around.

Next Number11
item I liked to go to the hospital (when they use to let anyone) and look into the window of the Nursery I have always loved watching babies sleeping or stretching as they wake up… before they begin screaming at the top of their lungs.

Next Number 12 item is I how much I like / love the sight, the feel, the smell of NEWBORN babies … all fresh and clean with baby powder and baby lavender lotion…I love the scent of lavender …as they cuddle into my shoulder…or up against my cheek. And, this item reminds me of my next item that I like.

Next Number 13 item … I like tiny little Nose-kisses from all of my little grandchildren Noses…I just always hope they don’t sneeze at that moment, drooling is one things snotty Noses is something totally different.

Next Number 14 item…. I like is NAPTIME ….mine… and any Grandchildren if I happen to be watching them… they wear me completely out.

Next Number 15 …actually I like NINE O’clock on Sunday Nights so I can watch the weekly series Brothers and Sisters, and also at Nine o’clock on Monday Nights to watch Medium. I like watching these shows each week so much I program my VCR (yes, we still use the VCR) to tape them just to make sure I don’t miss anything from either night.

Next Number 16 item …. I like NACHO cheese snacks with many NAPKINS to wipe the drippings from my fingers, and chin. I really enjoy them. In fact, any time I eat food I have to have a napkin in my hand on my lap or by my side, and, some foods take more than one.

Next Number 17 item …. I like the taste of warm NOODLES at Holiday time… that is a family tradition of ours… turkey, ham all the trimmings and a huge pot of NOODLES to pour over the whole meal. I really loved the homemade Noodles that my Grandmother Mae used to make, but, since she has passed on …. we just make do with the store bought ones. No one can make them like she did.

Next Number 18 item … in school (years ago) I always liked to check off that box that says, NONE of the above answer on multiple choice tests, just to screw with the teachers.

Next Number 19 item I like is giving NOVELTY items that are meaningless on those birthdays like the 40th and 50th birthday’s of family and friends. I find as people get to these ages, they want to laugh and there are tons of junk out on the market for them.

Next Number 20 item …. I like to sit NEAR the Ocean watching the waves come from a far distance up to the shoreline. It is peaceful and calming.

Next Number 21 item…. I like to listen to Neal McCoy… one of the many country music artists that I listen to. A few of his songs are on my playlist are Wink and Billy Got His Beer Goggles On. These songs are close to the last of the list… check it out.

Next Number 22 item I like is to read any Sci Fi time travel NOVELS that are written by Constance O’Day-Flannery, she is a great author….

Next Number 23 item I guess I must like to take the NEGATIVE view I have been told that over the years and that I am a NEGATIVE person. I personally don’t see what the Hell they are talking about… but, oh well.

Next Number 24 item …. I like NEW NICE things to capture the NOW images of my family members like New family photo’s …would be Nice, please.

Next Number 25 item… apparently along this line of thinking I must like NAGGING … I have been told that I do it very easily … especially I find at certain times of the month… and It does make me feel better or when I want those pictures.
HINT: Mother’s Day is coming up in MAY.

Next Number 26 item … I like to use NICKNAMES for many family members … some are cute and some are not repeatable …. Those ones are used when they make me upset.

And I have to say I must really love my own Nickname it is NEETERS it was given to me years ago… a dear friend back then called me NEET TWEETER later when we lost contact, I shorten it down to just NEETERS and it has stuck with me for probably more than twenty years.

Well, NOTHING else comes to my mind… that I like that starts with the letter of “N”…
I hope I did my daughter proud.

Hey, give me another Letter this was fun….

JUST NOT “Q” please.

PS…. Keeping up with the spirit of Sexy Men I went ahead and found a few with names that started with N… see them on another posting.